Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winners

Fourth Time's a Charm!

"Cottonwood’s C&B Construction recently received its fourth Indoor airPLUS Leadership Award - the only company nationwide to receive the award four years running. C&B Construction is one of five contractors nationwide to win the award this year."

The 2017 Leader Award winning builders and Home Energy Raters shared how they have capitalized on their Indoor airPLUS partnership through marketing and promotion. Hear their unique insights in this interactive webinar.

As you may know C&B Custom Homes was recognized as a 2017 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winner. As a builder of Indoor airPLUS homes, we are proud to be a partner of a program that is dedicated to constructing and verifying healthier homes for the American public. Recently, Bill and Laurie represented C&B Custom Homes on a panel discussion featuring all nine 2017 Leader Award winners. Be sure to check out the recorded webinar, Success with Indoor airPLUS: Learning from the 2017 Leader Award Winners, on Indoor airPLUS’ website, where you can hear insights from us and the other distinguished panelists!