Our History of Green Building Practices

In 2008 the entire housing world turned upside down. Perhaps inside out would be more accurate. Being a third generation building contractor with a brand new subdivision we needed to make major adjustments. We were surrounded by foreclosures and the cost of a new home was not at all competitive. Our livelihood and the livelihood of our employees and subcontractors were on the line. We had considered “green building” practices. Our first step was to install a rooftop solar system on one of our model homes. The results were amazing. We then contacted E-3 Energy in Flagstaff, Arizona to find out what it would take to enter the Energy Star program. I have to admit I was very skeptical. Sales were unbelievably slow but there were enough to keep people working. Our homes were evolving and we were slowly separating ourselves from the foreclosure market that was so devastating. We could look at Grey Fox Ridge on any given day and there were people working. By 2012 on any given day there were twenty people working. That was huge in our small community. By the spring of 2013 that number had doubled. E-3 had been encouraging us to take the next step and enter Indoor airPLUS. It really did not involve much of an adjustment. Version 3.0 of the Energy Star program had us almost there. We agreed to the commitment and have moved on from there. We are now providing the most energy efficient and the healthiest homes in northern Arizona. We are enjoying black ink once again. But our truest success is the impact that we have had on the livelihoods of those in 0ur community. Today there are forty to fifty people working in Grey Fox Ridge daily. Energy Star and Indoor airPLUS have helped to make that impact.